VASELINE: The Goop That Keeps on Giving

Can you see treasure in another man's trash? Maybe. Can you turn no into yes? Lots of salespeople do it everyday. But - would you spend a decade trying to turn black smelly stuff into a useable household product? Robert Chesebrough did. And that's just the beginning of his story. The history of Vaseline is the story of a crazy genius, self-mutilating salesman, and savvy businessman all rolled into one.

BEN & JERRY'S: 5 Bucks + 2 Best Friends = Sweet Success

The reason Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield started their business is one you won't hear at any startup pitch competition in 2019. But maybe it should be. In this episode we put on our bell bottoms, go back to the 70s and share the history behind Ben & Jerry's Homemade Holdings and why doing business for the right reasons can have sweet results.

Introducing Bizography with Dana Barrett

Whether they’re a current shining star, in the midst of a massive dumpster fire or settling into the dust heap of history, iconic companies all have a past worth knowing. Hosts Dana Barrett and Nick Bean dive into their strange but true stories. Some are inspiring, some get our blood boiling and some show just how weird American consumers truly are. Bizography with Dana Barrett, the newest iHeartRadio business podcast, launches July 17, 2019.